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Capitoltrak Beta Launch

Though we haven’t been very active on our blog recently, we have been burning the midnight oil on several big projects here at TDG, and we’re really excited to have launched the beta version of one of our largest projects in the recent months.

This new project, CapitolTrak, centers around government funding data and news for both the Department of Defense and NASA. The Design Group developed this website concept bred by Jacques & Associates, a DC based consulting firm.

Jacques & Associates wanted their site to be able to aggregate all pertinent information for all sorts of programs, so that it would be readily available to subscribers. CapitolTrak has one singular mission: to provide you with insight into your Federal Government programs of interest in a usable, relatable, and functional format.  The Jacques team conceptualized a comprehensive subscribe-able platform centered around the goal of providing users with up-to-date information, data, tracking statistics and more for in-depth government funded program analysis. Their primary goal was to significantly decrease the amount of effort involved in government program tracking and fiscal analysis. We here at TDG, being aliens and all, know how hard it is to collect all that sort of data from people – They tend to resist… Thus, we all were very excited to introduce the concept to the worldwide web.

Full of features, perks, aggregates of data, and stylistic excellence, The CapitolTrak launch has created a buzz in our office and far beyond, even in its beta version. Below is an outline of several of our personal favorite features CapitolTrak boasts:

Though the site was just recently launched by The Design Group, a wealth of information, data and content have already been added and integrated throughout , and we have seen how information rich this site has become. We think that it is going to be a smash hit with users, and as it grows it is sure to become an incredibly useful tool to many companies and organizations.

…Even though we have been working on it non-stop, we occasionally find ourselves stopping and reading information about aircraft, tanks – you name it. The head aliens are secretly learning all about earth’s military capabilities and space exploration progress – You know, the whole ‘know thine adversary’ theory…