2019s Top Tips for Increasing Engagement on Social Media

If you are active in social media, you can often find yourself spending hours developing content and editing photos to blend seamlessly with your Instagram feed, or reworking your photo captions twelve times over for your upcoming posts. A successful Instagram profile takes a lot of hard work and due to new algorithm changes, the effort is no longer just on aesthetics.

If you feel like your content is top notch, but your engagement is lacking, there are some simple fixes to peak interest. After all, you don’t want your killer content going to waste.

Increasing engagement all starts with getting to know how social media platforms work behind the scenes. Here’s The Design Group’s top tips for boosting social media engagement:

Know Your Audience and How Often You Should Post

It’s time to get friendly with the folks who frequent your profile. Not that you need to know them by name, but utilizing software to analyze your audience is a great start.

Factors such as time zone, gender and age can all play a factor in when and how often your audience is active on social media. Use these results to your advantage when you choose the time and how often per week you post.

Tell Your Story

We can’t forget that social media’s main intention was to provide a platform where people can connect through cyberspace. Instagram’s new algorithm updates tend to bring this idea back into focus, as your posts are more likely to be seen if your followers are actually liking, commenting and reposting your content.

The days of in-person social interaction are getting slimmer and instead, followers are looking to connect to your story through the interweb, instead of listening to your business plan over draft beers at your local dive bar. This means that it’s more important than ever to build your business’ social media profiles.

To increase engagement, use captions, tweets and content as a way to share your story with your followers and cultivate a connection. Your audience is more likely to connect with your brand and engage with posts if they know a little about who you are and the unique story you have to tell.

Don’t Underestimate User-Generated Content

Reposting content from your followers is a win on all fronts of your business. First, it’s a great way to connect with your customers and audience. It says a lot about your brand that a follower is so passionate about the products you offer, that they want to share it with their audience as well.

User-generated content has the ability to open the floodgates for new followers, increased sales and brand awareness, all while reducing marketing costs. It’s best to assign someone on your team to monitor brand mentions or utilize a software such as Hootsuite to track every time someone tags or mentions your brand.

Add a Call to Action

If you are new to the marketing world, a call to action or a CTA is a quick mention at the end of a caption, post or ad that prompts your audience to take further action.

On your Instagram or Facebook ads your CTA could be a button labeled as sign up, shop now, or find out more. Adding in short catchy phrases onto an ad has been shown to almost double interaction rates.

Final Bonus Tip

Realize that your social media platforms are constantly growing and evolving. It’s best to stay up to date with software changes and algorithm updates, all while keeping a close eye on your competition.

If you’re interesting in boosting your business’ social media engagement contact us to find out how we can help your business.

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