Another One for the Books: Collective Force Website Launch!

When you have a client like Collective Force, you really want to do good work for them. You root for them and work extra hard for them, as you support their purpose. That is because Collective Force caters to businesses (like ours), deal shoppers (guilty), in addition to the philanthropic spirit in all of us. The theory behind the Collective Force application is to offer local deals in a Groupon-style format for bargain shoppers, while supporting local charities with the proceeds and encouraging philanthropic involvement overall. This benefits charities, shoppers, and even provides an extra incentive for businesses who can reap the benefits of tax write-offs from their participation. It’s a win-win-win application for everyone who partakes.

While the Collective Force website doesn’t feature the full functionality of the application, you can get a rundown of each application facet, check out the latest deals available, stay up to date with the latest news, or easily download the full application.

We encourage you to check out the Collective Force website for more information, and to scope out TDG’s latest work!

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