Bennett Hofford, a low country based construction company and a respected client of The Design Group, recently came to TDG to help brand and incorporate a new facet of their company – a growing sister branch for their Caribbean-based construction projects.

In a previous post, we gave you a taste of the new logo we constructed (pun partially intended) to satisfy their branding needs.

Just last week, we incorporated this new branding element for the Caribbean branch of their company into their existing site. This was an interesting task to achieve – essentially integrating two brands into a centered layout design formerly with simply one logo.    After a great deal of thought, and a couple of mock-ups, of course, you can now view that logo in its rightful place on Bennett Hofford Construction’s website, where you can see the integration of the new brand at the top right of the page.

Tackling the Caribbean definitely gets us one step closer to taking over the world… and an inevitable vacation with chalk white beaches, little cocktails with umbrellas, and warm sun. Once we’re done, of course.

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