Graphic Design & Branding Part 1

Cummins Turbo Technologies Independence Day poster

Here at The Design Group, we are all about design projects, and though web design is a notable portion of our daily workflow, we are not JUST web designers.

TDG often takes on projects that center more around the traditional purpose of graphic design.  In fact, from branding to brochures, our team is quite seasoned in creating marketing materials for businesses. We recently partnered with Cummins Turbo Technologies to produce a Independence Day poster that was a multicultural in nature, to represent countries that the company has a presence in.

The poster’s main highlight is the integration of waving flags for each country. We achieved a realistic waving effect by transforming stock images in photoshop to create a bloated/puckered wave. The poster, overall, seemed to turn out quite well, and it was a nice change of pace from our usual workflow.

As our graphic design projects tend to reach many people, it, in turn, helps us accomplish our end goals of dominating the universe project by project. Stay tuned for more coverage on our Branding and graphics projects soon!

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