Graphic Design & Branding Part 3

Bennett Hofford Construction, (the parent company, and a previous client of ours), recently hired us to design a brand identity for their Caribbean construction branch, after our successful redevelopment and optimization of their main website, which you can visit at Bennett Hofford Construction.

We decided that since the new brand was a branch of the original company with a specialized location, there should be some sort of mix of those two elements in the logo. We went with a color scheme that is reminiscent of the crystal clear waters of the Carribean, and we played off the original logo to make the branding consistent.

As aliens, we are really excited about working with earthlings who know about the Caribbean. I mean, Aliens need vacation too, right? We have heard that this “fishing” thing is excellent in the Caribbean, and since we are inside a lot, we could always use a little bit of a tan.

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