Graphic Design & Branding Part 4

In a similar vein as our recent branding work, we have also recently done some truck and vehicle wraps for several of our clients that we wanted to show off. Included in our recent wrap design clients is Charleston’s own Aqua Blue Pools, whose wrap we are profiling today!

The primary goal of Aqua Blue’s truck wrap was to create an image for the company that traveled outside the web and office. In addition, the wrap was a great method of getting the word out about the company in a big way.

The primary design theory behind the project was based on Aqua Blue’s own vision of a photographic design emphasizing both comfort and relaxation in an effort to instill the principles to which the company emphasizes in their own business.

We opted for a family-oriented pool scene threaded with aquatic imagery and colors. We applied curves to the design to mimic the feel of waves as well as complementary text utilizing a hand script font to create a simplistic and relaxing, yet eye-catching design to place on the Aqua Blue Pools trucks.

The Aqua Blue Pools wraps were printed by our own Nick Verlotta of Mount Pleasant’s own Digital Printing Solutions – a friend as well as a client of The Design Group.

But, as LeVar Burton (of Reading Rainbow) has said, ‘don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself.’  Andrea Futeral of Aqua Blue Pools put it best:

“We all couldn’t be more pleased with how the truck wrap turned out. It really looks fantastic and is eye-catching, WOW! It’s just great knowing that the design you’ve done for our truck will be seen all over the Charleston-metro area… and it’s something we can be very proud of.”

We are too, Andrea!

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