The Green Front Field Guide has Landed

About a year ago TDG and Green Front Furniture initially teamed up to begin working on several projects. When you work with a client as eclectic and expansive as Green Front is, there is a lot that goes into the process of rebranding and revamping their identity as a whole. With little idea of what we were diving into initially, we visited their iconic flagship location in Farmville, VA

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In case you have never been to Farmville, it is a quaint, smaller town located in central Virginia. It has shops and eateries, a river, great scenery, Longwood University, and Green Front Furniture. To be specific, it has 15 buildings of Green Front Furniture. I’m not talking boutique sized shops either, I am talking about huge former tobacco warehouses offering multiple floors of various kinds of furniture and rugs from top to bottom. Our second day there, we had only skimmed the surface of all of the product offerings. Our second day there, we had only skimmed the surface of all of the products that Green Front has in stock. With all sorts of different prices and types of products, Green Front is an Interior Designers paradise, a treasure hunter’s trove, and an adventure for anyone who visits. Green Front is AWESOME.

The problem that many individuals often find with Green Front, is that it is so expansive and chock-full of products, it is impossible to see them all – even if you have allocated a full weekend to doing so.

In order to achieve an optimal experience when exploring Green Front, one really has to create a targeted plan, with coordinated breaks, dining and lodging. Thus bred the concept of the Green Front Field Guide.

The Green Front Field Guide is a full-featured explorer’s navigation with diagrams, facts, guidance, tips, and cheats to help individuals navigate their way through Green Front and Farmville.

From a general lay of the land with store procedures and navigational guidance, to a ruler for product measuring, and a section for taking notes, the Field Guide has a plethora of useful features, all geared towards enhancing the Green Front experience.

While the Field Guide is an awesome tool for Green Front adventurers, the coolest part of it is that it folds up to 4.5″x6″, so you don’t have to worry about lugging around a hefty brochure or informational packet. That definitely qualifies it for some sort of awesome utility award, no?

‘Fronties’ can stay tuned for the Green Front website redesign coming in Spring 2017, which will definitely be featuring additional Green Front fanfare worth celebrating. We will be keeping you posted!

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