Healthy Lifestyle Site Launch!

TDG has had a productive last few months. One of the fruits of our labor is the launch of Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit, a nutrition/health focus site developed for a longtime client of The Design Group, Ms. Sharla Patrick. Sharla’s nutritional consulting and mind-body health emphasis has created a large following within the healthy living community. To cater to her growing following, the website was created with a primary emphasis on aesthetics and user involvement. Thus, re-imagining the overall design/structure and re-tooling the user interface was a key focus for The Design Group’s team.

Some of the principle features in HLSS’s redesign include a multi-purpose Online Store that not only incorporates a Paypal checkout for Sharla’s products, but also an affiliate product portal for secondary vendors and affiliates. The affiliate portal allows HLSS clients to explore and/or purchase products from secondary vendors through Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit – without ever leaving the site.

In addition to the  features involving online store, TDG also incorporated a plethora of supplementary features including a highly customized calendar of events, email marketing integration in conjunction with the Vertical Response platform throughout, as well as an entire Media section featuring photos, videos, downloadable documents, and more.

All in all, the TDG team is extremely pleased with the direction the Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit project has taken, and the website was carefully aligned with company’s brand identity, also developed by The Design Group, to unify the brand identity of HLSS.  We encourage you to check the site out for yourself to explore further – be sure to keep an eye out for some of the fun features we mentioned above. You may even learn a bit about living a healthier life – just in time for the holidays!

It could come in handy!  …The aliens on the TDG team have also been advised to keep up with Sharla’s healthy recommendations and tips (many available in the Healthy News section of the site), as it was realized that the detrimental intake of junk food in lieu of real meals has started turning the aliens into sloth-like blobs in our office chairs – thus making our alien mission of world domination much harder…

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