Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit

Recently, The Design Group has been collaborating with Sharla Patrick on shaping the Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit brand. We documented the HLSS branding we developed recently in this post.

Once we finalized Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit’s branding, we moved forward with the website layout development and design tasks for the brand, which ended up being a very fun challenge for TDG. Last Saturday Sharla headed off to a healthy retreat in Costa Rica, and we are happy to announce that we received design approval just in the nick of time!

The Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit website design centers heavily on the colors utilized within Sharla’s logo. Our goal was to provide a light & tranquil feel to the site, in an effort to accentuate the overall message that Ms. Patrick is trying to present.

During our design and planning phase, we made strategic decisions to restructure the website to increase usability, and we also were able to make numerous useful additions to the site features. The first one we decided on is an opt-in form, where a reader can sign-up for a newsletter type service that delivers a plethora of different media. At the top of the site, we decided to incorporate a drop-down javaScript form for easy access as well as the scalable effect. We also gave the site some direct links to interior portions of the site, which highlight services and products that the company offers. On the event calendar page, there will be a custom calendar designed for her site as well.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the site soon – The Design Group will continue to keep you posted!

(As hardworking aliens with hectic schedules, maybe we should have Sharla help us!)

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