Marketing Your Site: Why SEO + SEM are so Important

At The Design Group, we build all of our sites to be ‘Google Friendly’, which involves following best practices and principles governing search engine algorithms. Yet, even after we structure and launch a site, we encourage our clients to explore our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing plans.

You might ask why you would want to spend more money on your new or newly revamped website, and the answer is simple: When done properly, SEO and SEM have proven track records of driving traffic. Traffic equals exposure, and exposure equals sales and conversions. In the end SEO/SEM lead to increased impressions and subsequently increased revenue as a result. Even the best foundational SEO techniques constructed into a site can not offer what ongoing SEO and SEM can in regards to driving traffic.

The reason? An important keyword in this equation is the term ‘ongoing‘. Google likes to see ongoing communication and activity from your site. It is time to start thinking of your site as a living, breathing, organism. The more movement, changes, and shake-rattle-and-rolling Google sees, the more content Google is going to be with your site. The number of sites that were built and subsequently left alone by administrators that are successful/useful are few and far between. We, like Google, like to see things that are continuously evolving. Amazon keeps adding/updating/archiving products, CNN keeps adding/updating/archiving news, and The Weather Channel keeps adding/updating/archiving weather and all content associated with it. Each are key examples of SEO powerhouses. We completely understand that many of our clients are not realistically looking to become the next, but the foundation for marketing smaller businesses remains the same. Google wants to find things that users like, and users like evolving content and information.

Of course content additions and linking are only a small fundamental chunk of SEO and SEM practices, it is simply one of the easiest to understand. There are hundreds of aspects of a site that get factored into ranking in a search, and numerous factors that factor into how to properly manage paid search. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to figure them out or master each: That’s our job. Be sure to Contact TDG, your local SEO expert, if you have any questions or would like to get started with us on a Search Engine Optimization and/or Marketing plan. We will work with you to tailor a plan to your needs and budget so we can find the optimal success for your business.

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