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About a month ago, we spotlighted a new design and logo for one of our long-time clients, Mac McGuire, of McGuire Custom Homes. Mac, as we mentioned previously in a recent post, is a custom home builder in the Charleston & Mt. Pleasant area who worked with The Design Group to completely revamp the McGuire Custom Homes website.

Today, TDG is stoked to show off the new fresh face of McGuire Custom Homes – as the site is officially launched!

The site has many neat features, one of the biggest being the Client ‘Portal,’ which is, essentially, an access point for clients of McGuire Custom Homes to locate personalized information regarding (a) project(s) presently in progress through the company. In addition to this beneficial new feature, the site also includes a customized showcase of homes and renovations completed by the company, along with before and after photographs of remodeling properties that punctuate Mac McGuire’s experience and expertise. Of course, the newly added features are plentiful on the site, so be sure to check the TDG Portfolio soon for a full project breakdown.

After seeing what exactly Mac can do with a home, the aliens at TDG have decided to contract McGuire Custom Homes firsthand to help in the construction of their upcoming ‘World Domination Headquarters,’ or ‘WDH,’ as it is commonly coined. Should they choose to accept this assignment, they will officially bring us one step closer to complete and utter control of the universe, subsequently wiping out mankind as a whole.

Until that point, however, we encourage you to go ahead and check out the revamped McGuire Custom Homes website, and share some of your thoughts.

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