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Recently The Design Group completed a branding project for Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit, a business dedicated to helping clients lose weight and build a stronger immune systems, all while emphasizing strategies of maintaining one’s overall health and well being. HLS focuses primarily on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and activities such as Yoga, the importance of nutrition, etc. When we designed the logo (pictured) we worked to feature elements such as water, and a circular shape to imply a well-rounded approach.

In the end, both Sharla Patrick, the owner of Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit, and TDG were pretty happy with the results! We are also now super excited to announce that we are beginning a website redesign project for HLS as well! Be  sure to look for updates on the project periodically on our blog and social media platforms, where we’ll give you some sneak peaks into how the project is going!

The aliens of TDG are all excited to be actually involved in a project that involves client interaction from the inside out – providing a huge advantage for us with our world domination strategy! It is just one more step we will soon be able to obtain full control of the universe.

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