Pelican Watch Villas – An ongoing project

The Design Group is proud to announce that we have been hired by Ravenel & Associates to help develop and incorporate a new design for their Pelican Watch Villas site (see the old version to the left). The old version of the site was outdated, (both aesthetically and in function), and did not provide the modern, simplistic feel embodied by the company. In an effort to emphasize the property imagery and atmosphere, we implemented a lighter color scheme as well as a full width layout, and designed advanced functionality features.

The redesigned home page created by The Design Group maintains a natural color scheme while also enhancing important elements like the logo and the images of the villas themselves – visible in the banner as well as the targeted section. We concluded that adding targeted links to specific interior pages would help navigation for first time visitors, ultimately leading them to the information they are looking for more efficiently. This guidance would ultimately enhance the navigation for the entire site. ┬áThe modifications we will implement will improve the usability of the site considerably, which ultimately is the first step towards optimizing the whole site for both potential visitors and users of the back end systems.

In addition to a re-design, we will be partnering with their design team to re-develop their .ASP back-end systems, to assist the company slowly transition to a more functional and expansive CMS system, which incorporates hundreds of individualized sites for specific property areas.

As aliens, were excited to be helping a property management company! (Maybe we can brain-wash them into giving us property for a home base? We need a home for all our servers so we can store all the info we have collected on the human race. Flying saucers are too shaky.)

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