Here at The Design Group, we’re all about web design. We pretty much think in HTML and CSS (it makes flying a spaceship hard sometimes when you’re thinking in a computer language), and though we are deeply engrossed in that part of our business, it isn’t all we do, by far.

Occasionally, we pick up a flashy handheld plastic box with glass in it called a camera, and we engage in an activity that turns light and the real world into still frames of beauty, AKA photography (aliens like photo albums too, you know. Just don’t indulge any alien that asks if you wanna see pictures of its kids).

On that note, recently in the office we’ve been moving around. This means that in all the reshuffling of offices and everything, a lot of stashed stuff resurfaced from days gone by. We found some older photography that you might enjoy. Take a look, its on our photography page!

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