Why Keeping Your Business ‘On Brand’ Is Crucial

Whether your business is just emerging on the scene or you’ve established a solid reputation over the last 10 years, there’s a key aspect of engaging with new customers and keeping old ones coming back for more and it’s called branding.

We like to think of a brand as a cultivation of your core values, reputation, logo design, print materials, website, and ensuring all of these aspects tie into a recognizable package that people know is your business before they even read the name. Building a recognizable brand is an easy way to acquire new customers, give employees direction, and expand your business.

If this sounds like something you aspire your business to be, take a look at these reasons why keeping your business on brand is crucial:

Stand Out in a Saturated Market

What makes your coffee shop different than 1,000 others in your area? What’s going to make the consumer choose your shop over another that’s a block closer to their home or work? This type of situation is where branding allows your business to flourish in saturated markets and help you stand out from the rest.

Let your brand speak about your core values, long-standing reputation, or community involvement. Once you establish what it is that your business stands for, work directly with a team who can make the magic happen with unique branding materials, a functional website, and a brand that tells your individual story.

Connect With Your Customers in a New Way

Another way to keep your customers coming back to your coffee shop – instead of the posh new shop down the street – is to connect with them over more than just coffee.

Build a brand that tells your story and what you stand for in order to allow others to relate. Whether that means listing your community involvement, charity interests, or simply how you set an example for employees and exceptional level of customer service. Make them come back for more than just your life-changing nitro cold brew by illustrating your message throughout your brand.

Stay Consistent and Save Time

A solid brand allows your business to stay consistent throughout all platforms and makes the decision process a lot easier. Questions concerning font and color won’t take you and your team a lifetime to figure out every time you need new print materials. Stay consistent with a brand book in place and put your time spent on deciding fonts towards bigger and better tasks.

Attract Your Ideal Client

Whether your business is big or small, we bet you have an ideal client in mind. With a brand book, you can be sure your message and style are being perceived by the right audience and targeting your ideal customer. This will make your content marketing tactics much more successful in the future and build a loyal audience that aligns with your core values.

If you are interested in brand development and working with a team who can bring your vision to life, contact The Design Group for a one-on-one consultation. We can’t wait to tell your business’s story.

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