Wine Awesomeness Site Launch

In order to properly integrate into the earthling culture, The Design Group often works with charitable causes – all in an effort to disguise our underlying world domination plans.  Our most recent project illustrates this ‘philanthropic’ side of TDG.

Wine Awesomeness is The Design Group’s latest project to be launched as of April 4th, 2012. The site’s purpose is to meld wine culture and charity events together to give wine enthusiast an opportunity to purchase exotic red, white and sparkling wines, while supporting a charity in the same instant.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the site was integrating the Coggins Fulfillment shopping cart platform with the aesthetics of the website to create what could be considered a “social shopping experience.” In addition to the shopping cart to display all the different wines available for the shop, the website also incorporates a google calendar that shows current events pertaining to causes that Wine Awesomeness supports, (such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Clean Water Campaigns).

The incorporation of each of these elements into a WordPress CMS platform allows the user to effectively “connect” with their social scene and become involved with a number of worthy causes, all by enjoying and exploring their favorite libation.  Be sure to check out Wine Awesomeness today to get in on the large-hearted lushness!

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