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To put it lightly, the Internet is a crazy place. It continues to change and grow at an ever increasing rate, and more and more of your daily tasks and business operations are becoming dependant on it to function. As a growing web design company in Charleston SC, we have seen the demand for web design continue to increase in the Charleston Region even during economic disruptions.

Throughout the world the sales of laptops, tablets and smart phones/devices has increased substantially in recent years. This increased technological dependence is good for companies of all shapes and sizes. In fact, it is due to the growing utilization of technology and the internet that large windows of opportunities for small business, corporations, and organizations have been created, and the ability for such groups to grow to exponential heights is greater than ever. After all, even prior to becoming a respected web design company in Charleston, The Design Group was merely a small web design company in Charleston with an important, yet humble, local clientele base. For additional examples of how The Design Group's web design/redesign projects have benefited many of our clients, we encourage you to check out our Web Design Portfolio.

how we integrate our approach in web design projects

The key to the success of our projects is primarily our thorough, well planned approach towards web development. To begin a web design project, we have our client fill out a Client Questionnaire, which is now available online. We use the questionnaire to determine the needs of our clients, the features to include, and the budget to work with. After providing the client with a quote, a detailed 'Statement of Work,' or SOW, is drafted. The SOW serves not only as a service contract, but also as a project plan, so all parties know exactly what they are getting in their web design project up front - no grey area.

Subsequent to SOW Approval, a sitemap is drafted for the project. A sitemap essentially serves as a highly advanced, color coordinated flow chart for mapping out the pages of a project. Be sure to check out our Sample Sitemap for more details.

The final stage of our Planning Phase is the development of a wireframe, which visually displays the bare bones layout and structure for each phase in a web design project. The wireframe serves as a tool during development to map out each page and ensure proper functioning and usability. Be sure to check out our Sample Wireframe for more details.

Each stage of our project planning is dependant on approval from the client in an effort to ensure our clients satisfaction with the final web design product. Between our in depth project planning, and our ongoing communication with our clients, we are able to provide a client centered, goal-oriented approach to our projects; and subsequently a higher quality result.

For more information on TDG's approach to web design projects, or to go ahead and get started today, be sure to Contact TDG.

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