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Much of The Design Group's success can be attributed to the way our web design team partners with select web design companies in the Charleston SC area. Unlike many of our competitors, we have focused our in-house staff only on primary development tasks. Therefore, similar to the relationship between a general practitioner and a surgeon, when a client's needs require a specialized touch we connect with the Charleston web design company that focuses on those particular features, and can complete the task efficiently.

We are very dedicated to maintaining the quality of our work, and therefore only deal with local web design companies that have a reputation for excellence. Never will we outsource overseas or employ inexperienced and cheap developers. Our primary focus is quality, and our methods have allowed us to maintain quality while keeping our prices at a reasonable level. Listed below are the local companies that we work with on a regular basis. The quality of their work is second to none and we stand behind them.

Elemental Web Design
Programming and Web Development

Charleston Web Design Company - Elemental Web Design

Elemental Web Design offers custom programming services for the Charleston, South Carolina region. The Elemental team consists of some of the most experienced, and highest quality web programming specialists, and their focus is helping our clients achieve their online goals. In order to provide website solutions at competitive rates, Elemental works closely with The Design Group, operating in-office. This affiliation has proven to be not only mutually beneficial, but also beneficial to the clients of TDG, as service is of a higher quality, and standards are maintained.

Digital Printing Solutions
Large Format & High Quality Printing Services

Charleston Design and Printing - Digital Printing Solution

Digital Printing Solutions' company mission is to solve the customer's challenge of using high quality large format printing within the project delivery date. DPS vows to provide service that will not be late, and they pride themselves on both the precision in their work and excellence in service. The Design Group is highly confident in the large format work printed by DPS, and, in our experience, a high rate of customer satisfaction has been experienced with each project we have worked on with DPS. Their work is of the highest standards each and every time. Clients of Digital Printing Solutions include First Federal Bank & Trust, The South Carolina Aquarium, and Roper Saint Francis.

The Webutante

Charleston Web Design Blog - The Webutante Logo

The Webutante is a graphic design and web development resource blog covering design and development tips, tricks, resources and humor. Featuring the latest tech resources, The Webutante promises to inform and entertain tech savvy individuals. was created by Kaylee Walters, the Creative Director of TDG, and inspired by creative visionaries and business moguls like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and, of course, blogging all-stars like Perez Hilton. If you enjoy The Webutante, you may also enjoy Fabulously Dirt Poor or Smashing Magazine.

South Carolina National Guard Web Development and Web Design in Charleston
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Web Design and Web Development Project in Charleston SC
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