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Here's to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. -- Apple 'Think Different' Campaign

Our team at The Design Group may be a little different than what you typically see for a web development company. We are composed of fun people, diligent workers, creative professionals, and a balding dog. Learn a little more about our team's strengths, quirks and guilty pleasures below.

{ Partner, Senior Developer }

Brent Tabor

Brent Tabor, the Design Group's Head of Sales
  • Strength: Can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves
  • Weakness: He's a Talker
  • Guilty Pleasure: The Oakland Raiders
  • Flick Pick: Any Leslie Nielson Blockbuster

Meet Brent, The Design Group's co-founder and alien from the planet 'Gigabyte' (known to earthlings as 'San Francisco') in the far off galaxy of California. Brent was going about his life as a faux-earthling several years ago when he developed a passion for web design and development. His flagrant attention span and overwhelming obsessive compulsions (a trait common to Gigabitonians) drove Brent to be a neurotic web standards pro and master CSS guru. Like every good geek, Brent enjoys eating (yes, eating) flavored gum, boating in the Charleston Harbor and his favorite pastime is mastering world domination through Google.

{ Project Manager, Creative Director }

Kaylee Walters

Kaylee Walters, the Design Group's Creative Director
  • Strength: She's a smarty pants.
  • Weakness: She's a smarty pants.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Rock Star Lemonade & Online Window Shopping
  • Flick Pick: Love Actually

Kaylee Walters was created by state of the art technology only accessible on the highly revered Planet Perfectoria, her origin planet. Because her brain was created with careful and precise planning by the Perfectorians, it is highly malleable making Kaylee able to contain more knowledge, build stronger communication skills, computer-oriented motor skills, and function more efficiently than most earthlings. Kaylee utilized her superior intellect at the College of Charleston, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Art in Communications amongst mortals. It was at the College where her passion for project management and design manifested. Inspired by creative visionaries and tech moguls, Kaylee tries to live her life by the words of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, during his 2005 Stanford University commencement address: "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish."

{ Senior Programmer }

Chris Scott

Chris Scott, the Design Group's Lead Programmer
  • Strength: Capable of talking over just about all of our heads
  • Weakness: An inner resentment towards computers
  • Guilty Pleasure: Fishing at incredibly early hours of the morning
  • Flick Pick: Stand By Me

Senior Programmer Chris Scott is The Design Group's go to guy for programming advice, knowledge and information. Unfortunately, Chris is also an alien, although he is from a different universe then the other aliens of TDG. Therefore, Chris is not interested in a slow conquering of the universe, although is fairly impervious to the fact that his counterparts are well on their way in doing so (which is fortunate for his counterparts). Chris attended the College of Charleston as a Computer Science major, and has learned numerous programming languages over the years including PHP, JavaScript and even some aspx. Chris can often be found in the TDG office baffling people with his vocabulary of tech jargon including words like 'MySQL, 'Function' and 'Array.'

{ Front-End Developer }

Ben Nadeau

Ben Nadeau

Ben Nadeau came to Charleston from Arlington, VA where he graduated from the Art Institute of Washington with a BFA in Web Design and Interactive Media. After graduation, he worked as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for several different creative companies before joining TDG in 2015.

Despite all the chatter he constantly hears about conquering the human race, Ben is looking forward to utilizing the creative environment at TDG to exercise his creative skills and coding expertise. Of course, The TDG aliens are thrilled to have another great mind involved with our ultimate plan for world domination!

{ Designer + Developer }

Jeremy McClelland

Jeremy McClelland

Jeremy McClelland is a graphic artist and web developer from Charleston, SC with a passion for design and illustration. Over the past six years he has worked for several print houses and was a contracted designer for CreateSpace. Most recently, Jeremy employed at Nelson Printing; designing and prepping projects for press. Jeremy has been sharpening his skills as a designer and developer with TDG since early 2016.

Jeremy's passion for web design continues to grow the more he learns the language of these masterminds of css.

{ Leader of the Alien World }

The Dude

Dude - Our Web Design Mascot
  • Strength: Literally so darn ugly he's cute
  • Weakness: Growing Hair/Seeing things
  • Guilty Pleasure: Fooders. Any Fooders.
  • Flick Pick: The Godfather

As leader of the aliens in charge of The Design Group, Dude's life is pretty posh these days. After being rescued from a puppy mill where he was help captive as a breeding dog by the mill owners (who had managed to trap him upon his entrance into the earth - think Men in Black, people), Dude's motivation for world domination became apparent almost as quickly as his penchants for 'rubbing his facers' and Gravy Train®. His poor treatment prior to joining TDG resulted in the incessant need to control the world that he now maintains. Unfortunately, the stress of not yet succeeding in domination has caused Dude to lose some of his hair, giving him a unique, yet highly recognizable appeal. In an effort to keep Dude active in the world domination realm, the aliens of TDG bring him to the office every day. They know that soon Dude will succeed in his efforts, and thus treat him quite well so they too will one day reap the benefits that he sows.

{ Crowned Princess of the Alien World }


Sugar - the most energenetic of all of us!
  • Strength: She's got a lot of it - especially when you put her in a kennel
  • Weakness: Unstoppable fetish for pencils and matches
  • Guilty Pleasure: Foot fiend! Definitely Toes.
  • Flick Pick: Airbud (If. Only.)

In the noble words of Outkast: 'Lend me Some Sugar, I am your neighbor!' Those words say it all. Sugar is TDG's newest member and has certainly lived up to expectations. After being adopted from the pound, she quickly learned how to fit in with the other TDG aliens - especially Dude, her personal favorite. Sugar makes it her goal each day to keep Dude on track to conquer the world by serving as his loyal companion, and keeping his energy level high by reinforcing constant exercise.

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