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PC&L Agency is a prominent insurance agency based in the Southeastern Region of the United States that needed to revamp their marketing in an effort to provide a more aesthetic oriented, easy-to-use interface for their website audience. The apparent route to begin with to achieve these goals involved a complete aesthetic 'face-lift' of the PC&L website. This 'face-lift' also entailed an advanced reanalysis of the content and information available through the website.

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Project Strategy & Scope

The various PC&L services were broken down and outlined in detail to allow for a more thorough structure of information for potential clients. We also included complex 'Request a Quote' forms to minimize the length of the initial process of becoming a PC&L client. Also included on the site was the incorporation of social networks, as well as a Wordpress-based blogging platform to keep updates more frequent for the user, and increase the editing capabilities for the client.

Project Elements & Features

  • Customized Wordpress Blog Integration
  • The Integration of the company's social networks to allow for increased connectivity with the company
  • JavaScript rich media piece to prominently display important facets of the company conspicuously on the home page
  • Searching Functionality
  • Multiple sophisticated online forms for requesting quotes
  • Online form functionality for submitting insurance claims directly to the company
  • Sectionalized and easy to navigate FAQ's section of the site dedicated to answering commonly asked questions regarding insurance.
  • Incorporation of Google Webfonts to allow for the use of typefaces with increased aesthetic appeal
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