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The annual Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble set an attendance record for the eighth straight year, reaching its goal with 6,052 registrants before the gun fired at 9 am on Marion Square.This race has grown every year and director Rob Willis is excited to have crossed the 6,000-runner threshold this past year. The annual 5K also set a new record with 5,616 runners and walkers crossing the finish line. The 5,308 that finished the race last year catapulted the race into 28th nationally among 5Ks and made the Turkey Day Run & Gobble Wobble the largest of its kind in the state.

Project Strategy & Scope

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After increasing in popularity each year, it was obvious that it was time for the run to ramp up its marketing, starting with the website. The key to the site needed to be organization. Information about the race needed to be easy to find, while the actual race results themselves needed to be more accessible. Prior to the redesign, race results were merely listed (all 5,000+!) on a single white page in no particular order. To find your own information would be a tough task - and near impossible had you forgotten your BIBB number! Thus, we made it our goal to display the entire race results in an aesthetically appealing manner, integrating JavaScript charts and custom organization methods for viewing. We also broke down all the winners of the primary categories in a user-friendly accordion for easy viewing.

Next, we added a searching tool, so one could search the results from various years, by first name, last name, BIBB number and more. For individual result displays, we included JavaScript charting mechanisms for displaying where an individual's result would fall amongst all runners, runners of their sex, and runners of their age group. This aesthetic presentation allowed for much more analysis to come from each result.

Project Elements & Features

  • Custom CMS Development and Implementation
  • Advanced importing mechanisms for race result importing and data dissemination
  • Multi-year result search based on imported race results functionality, and searchable by numerous search factors (
  • Sophisticated Graphing Features for overall results and individual results to display comparative dissections of results
  • Tiered, multi-year Sponsorship section incorporated with CMS System for updating Sponsors on a yearly basis
  • Flash Based Course Diagram displaying points of interest along race route
  • Social Networking Integration, including Flickr integration with the online Gallery
  • Google Web Fonts integration for the use of typefaces with increased aesthetic appeal
  • Development and customization of online forms
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