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Are you a new client of The Design Group? Would you like to be? One of the best ways for us to determine how we can help you with your marketing or web development project is to fill out our thorough Client Questionnaire below. This form provides us with an in-depth look into how your company/organization functions, and subsequently enables us to provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

If you prefer, you can also Download our Web Design Questionnaire in PDF format.

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Project Purpose
List any information you think may be relevant such as age, gender, income, political affiliation, education, ethnicity, religion, location, etc.)

Site Content

Domain Information may include registrar info, usernames, pw's, etc. You may also do this over the phone or in person if you feel more comfortable.

Inspiration & Style

Please list three URL address(es) (i.e. http:// and identify the aspects/features of each site you find most appealing:

South Carolina National Guard Web Development and Web Design in Charleston
{ SC National Guard }

Web Design, Development, CMS +

Web Design and Web Development Project in Charleston SC
Hawk Institute for the Space Sciences Web Design by The Design Group

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