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In addition to our Charleston web design specialty, The Design Group offers supplementary online marketing strategies for interested clients. As TDG constructs a web design, we use construction standards that are both compliant and flexible, so as to be compatible with online marketing strategies they opt to use in the future. Our hierarchical methodology gives our clients the option to begin online marketing campaigns at any time and at a more cost-efficient rate.

Search Engine Optimization

All of The Design Group's websites are constructed with basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to make the site essentially 'Google-friendly.' For advanced placement in Google, Intensive Search Engine Optimization methods tend to be quite an effective method for targeting specific audiences, while also expanding the reach of your site.

Search Engine Optimization as an online marketing strategy is a contrasting strategy to Pay-Per-Click marketing; it is a more of an 'Organic' methodology. Rather than paying for a high rank on Search Engines, organic online marketing emphasizes the overall construction of a web site and prioritizes high quality web site structure, optimal content quality, as well as inbound link increases. Although SEO does tend to be quite a bit more expensive that other methods of online marketing, the results tell the story, as SEO often has a higher impact on website traffic than any other online method.

For more information on Search Engine Optimization programs available with The Design Group, be sure to Contact TDG.

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