The Web Design Project Process

Listed below are the steps that we take with every web design project. Our web development process was created to ensure that every project receives equal attention and nothing is looked over. We also provide a copy of the process to all of our web design clients to ensure that everyone understands the process by which we develop websites.

Administration & Planning Phase

  • Client Questionnaire
  • Statement of Work Submission/Approval
  • Receipt of Initial Deposit
  • Project Inventory Form Submission to Client
  • Sitemap Development/Revisions/Approval
  • Wireframe Development/Revisions/Approval

Design Phase

web design
  • Mock-Up Design Submission to Client
  • Mock-Up Design Revisions/Approval from Client
  • Project Inventory Form Collection from Client
  • Creation of Interface Elements

Construction Phase

web design
  • Website Construction by TDG developers
  • User Interface Implementation
  • CMS (Content Management System) Customization
  • Advanced Programming Integration
  • Incorporation of Third-Party Application(s)

User Testing & Troubleshooting Phase

web design
  • Internal Testing & Debugging Measures
  • Website Prototype Submission to Client
  • Prototype Revisions/Approval from Client

Training & Launch Phase

web design
  • CMS (Content Management System) Finalization
  • Client-Specific CMS Customization
  • Final Project Launch
  • Client Training
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